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With sunsets being the topic of this month’s photo wall competition and one of the most commonly photographed scenes, we have some advice for creating some stunning sunset images. The setting sun can create an one-off explosion of colours, from reds, oranges and yellows to deep, rich blues and purples – visit another day and the sunset will probably be completely different. Clouds are the critical factor in photographing sunsets – an ideal sky will have a scattering of small white clouds. As the sun sinks below the horizon, the clouds start to glow in a range of colours. If there is little or no cloud, the suns rays will not be reflected, too much cloud and the sun will not penetrate the layer of cloud – either way, there will be no colourful display. The sky can be photographed on its own or used as a colourful backdrop for the surrounding landscape, especially creating silhouettes of boats, skylines or other easily recognisable shapes.

Here are a few links to articles and videos on photographing sunsets:


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