The Midland Emergency Photography Club provides a warm and friendly atmosphere where experienced and inexperienced members can share their interest in photography.

The club is currently a group of like-minded individuals with an interest in photography. As the club grows, in both membership and activities, it is hoped that Midland Emergency Photography Club will become an incorporated association, a legal entity in its own right, which is run by a committee of members.

Mentoring is available and the aim is to facilitate the development of artistic creativity and the photographic and technical skills of our members through competitions, education evenings, guest lectures, workshops and other club activities.

Those working in high-stress occupations – like emergency care and emergency services – are often exposed to traumatic experiences which have been proven to negatively affect personal mental health. Photography not only allows you to express yourself, it has been shown to help to bring focus to positive life experiences, enhance self-worth and reduce cortisol – the stress hormone – which in turn lowers feelings of anxiety, improves sleep and elevates mood.

While primarily an avenue for enjoying photography and not an art therapy programme, any positive mental health benefits from participating in the club are considered an added bonus.